Ahad, 23 Mei 2010

unbox the box pt. II

maybe some of you have read about what i received in my previous post.

ok..many asked about what it is. i don't want to reveal it last week coz it still under testing. but i will uncover it now. it was Minolta 135mm f2.8 lens

you can refer the preview of this lens at this website: http://www.dyxum.com/lenses/Minolta-AF-135-F2.8_lens75.html

since sony is a rebrand name of the old skool Minolta, all Minolta mount lens will fit nicely into any Sony Alpha mount (or we used to call it A-mount). Sony itself has its own 135mm lens namely 135ZA f2.8 and SAL135 STF. while the price of SAL135 STF (smooth trans focus) are well over my budget and the 135ZA ('ZA' mean it produced by the legandary Carl Zeiss) is sure beyond reach, the opportunity to own this lens is hard to turn down. the sizes maybe small, but it do bring a big reputation

the size is almost like u stack up 2 50mm lens and almost the same height of my 1680ZA lens

another shot at the lens. still looks great although the lens itself age almost 20 years.

i done a test shot of this lens for the whole weeks, with my sons as a subject. what can i tell u is this lens were really a gem;
since it was a fixed focal length lens (or popular known as prime lens), it should have the best sharpness output compared to zoom lens. i test at widest aperture (f2.8) up to f4 (normally at f4, many lens will start producing a nice aoutput).

this is taken at f2.8. i focus at my son's right eye. the output was sharp enough at f2.8 although there are some CA at its widest aperture.

this shot was taken at f4.0, in which i think the output was at its best. what do you think?

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