Sabtu, 17 Julai 2010

Oh Luis!

shame on him..his brazilian team are not good enough for World Cup, dreaming of playing for MU and Milan before and publicly saying Spurs are not a good team, but now?

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Luis Fabiano tells Spurs to come get him
Tottenham Hotspur target Luis Fabiano has hinted he may be open to a move to White Hart Lane after originally saying that Spurs were smaller than his current Sevilla side.

Brazil striker Fabiano has attracted interest from a number of clubs following success in the Spanish Primera Division and an excellent showing in the recent World Cup in South Africa.

The 29-year-old previously issued a come and get me plea to both Manchester United and AC Milan and said Tottenham would be wasting their time making a bid for him.

However, with no offers forthcoming from either Milan or United the former Sao Paulo star is warming to Spurs, who have qualified for this season's Champions League.

"I must admit it's only in the last few weeks I have understood just how big Spurs' ambition is," said Fabiano.

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