Selasa, 17 Ogos 2010

(C)an (Z)hat be True!

This is 1680ZA lens. produce by the legendary Carl Zeiss (CZ) company exclusively for sony alpha range. its full name: SAL16-80 f3.5-4.5ZA

this is the best APSC zoom lens for sony alpha camera. i have to say, i was impressed with its sharpness, color and the range was really useful. since my A550 was sold, it was no point i should keep this lens, although it was the first CZ lens i ever own. so i have to say goodbye to this also...

*i may buy this lens again if i ever bought an APSC camera again. only time will tell

2 ulasan:

hasrul hassan berkata...

uhh ... takut \je tgk rega kat tepi tu

yusri berkata...

hehe..harga tu saja nak bikin gerun je...tapi tak sampai pun harga mcm tu bro!