Selasa, 17 Ogos 2010

Goodbye : A550

last month, i have to sold off my gear to my friend. it was my A550 that have to make way. although it was hard to let it go, i have to since i really that money to fund for another thing. just before it was sold to my friend, i manage to take a few shot of my ex-camera

it was my 5th DSLR camera that i bought (now i only have one!) and i must say this camera has a good reputation. it was the fastest fps camera i ever own (at 7fps), good handling of high ISO and what i will miss most is the tilting LCD that help me lot especially during a nature outing

what make it stand out compared to earlier Alpha's DSLR is the ON and OFF switch was changed from left side of camera body to its shutter button. almost like nikon camera.

it also has the HDMI port, in which i never use!

unlike earlier Alpha, this camera use SD card and Memory stick (MS) as its medium of storage. lucky me, i have my MS during my purchase of A850, so i dont need to buy another MS.

from top, you can see all the button (almost!) are placed at the right side of camera. for me this is good as i can access the button in one hand only. the magic function that i admire most is MF Check LV. this is really useful for extreme closeup photo that require spot on focus. for macro lovers, this feature are to good to be missed

one thing for sure, i definitely miss my camera so much. lucky the buyer was my officemate. so i may get a chance to keep hold of it again!

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