Rabu, 11 Julai 2012

Photo Tutor: How to capture sunrise shot

On one beautiful morning, i manage to capture this picture. Beautiful sunrise at Ampang, Selangor

Early Morning at Ampang

 I love to capture this type of photo. With some post process in Photoshop, i was satisfied with the output in the end. Few tips i want to share on how to capture sunrise shot. I'm no expert, but more or less, this is what i always do before i take this kind of shot:

1. If possible, survey the area before you shoot. (where the sun rise/ fall, interesting spot, etc)
2. Tripod is essential. Small tripod like gorillapod will. (please consider you camera weight for optimum result)
3. Get on the ground early or you may miss the moment.
4. Filters like ND, GND and CPL will help you to get the best result.
5. Try to use smaller aperture opening to get the best DOF
6. Consider your foreground and background. Make it as clean as possible to avoid distraction.
7.  Take a few test shot to get the best reading from your camera. (check for any under/ overexposed area so you can re-setting your camera)
8. Try to shoot in RAW to get the best result. (that is what i always do!)

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