Selasa, 6 April 2010

WTS - KM 2875 f2.8 AF (D) *SOLD*

item: Konica Minolta 28-75 f2.8 AF(D)
condition: very good. no fungus and scratch at the glass. normal wear as this lens should be 6++ years old
warranty: none
dealing method: PM or call me at 012 3646382
COD: anywhere around KL will do. discuss with me first
price: *SOLD*
what's included: lens, both rear and front caps, original hood, hoya UV filter and some additional gift if you agree with the asking price without nego.
what to expect: nice minolta colors, constant f, nice centre sharpness, awesome bokeh, among the best MFD for minolta/ sony lens, internal focusing, value for money (sony selling theirs at RM2.7k ++), good for both FF and i say nice colors?

recently this lens output was published in Digital Camera Magazine on March issue.

thanks for viewing.

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